BookitList - Rare BookitList Adventures You NEED To Consider

Rare BookitList Adventures You NEED To Consider

Here are some awesome ideas for bookitlist items you may not have considered.

WARNING: These are for awesome free thinking adventurers only!

Rickshaw Rally

Some opt to trek, others opt for a decadent cruise across the ocean. We however endorse anyone with the minerals to take on this awesome adventure. Get yourself a small 3 man team and tear through the cultural forest of India or Sri-Lanka on a humble little Rickshaw!

If you break down halfway, don’t worry, you’re trained to be an all in one driver/mechanic before you set off on the race! There’s also a launch party and a finish line party to make it even more of an epic excursion.

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Photo by Atharva Tulsi

Rickshaw On The Go

Become An Extra In A Bollywood Movie

How surreal would it be to show your grandchildren not only your handsome/pretty face before father time aged you, but your handsome/pretty face in the background of a Bollywood movie! It’s well known that scouts and agents roam Mumbai looking for westerners to participate small roles in their movies.

If you sign up to an agency (or better yet, 5 agencies), you’re odds on to land a small role at some point. Don’t just be a traveller, be a legend in a Bollywood movie!

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Photo by Brian McGowan

Movie Poster

Re-enact your favourite movie scenes with a photoshoot!

Sometimes a movie can live with us forever. Whether we resonate with the lead protagonist, or just love the story arc there’s something magical about our favourite films. But how cool would it be to recapture some of the cinematography magic of your favourite film with your playing the role of hero (or villain).

Just type your favourite movie titles into google, and look at a set of pictures to find which ones could be easily recreated. It’s not as hard as it seems, for instance Wayne Manor from the incredible Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan was shot in Wollaton Hall in Nottingham UK. It’s a public space you can go and walk around with your family for free!

Of course this is just 3 ideas but we urge you to come up with your own. It’s easy to fall into the trap or just try to copy your favourite instagram feeds but the beauty of travel is we get to express ourselves in new and original ways. For some the backstreets of Delhi are a foodie paradise, for others an opportunity to capture discrete and captivating street art.

We here at bookitlist urge all of our community to express themselves and make a bookitlist so awesome, it’d be a crime not to pursue it.

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Photo by Nathan DeFiesta

Hollywood Sign