BookitList - Northern Lights could be seen across the UK tonight!

Northern Lights Could be seen across the UK tonight!

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The Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights, are one of the most added entries onto peoples Bookitlists. The natural light show is often only seen within the Arctic Circle meaning people head to Northern Norway, Canada and Iceland in a quest to watch the spectacle.

This doesn't mean though that the Northern Lights are exclusive to the Arctic Circle and March 1st 2021 is one of the very rare occasions that the Northern Lights could be seen from the UK.

For the last week the Arctic Circle has been seeing it's best displays of the Aurora of the season, and tonight it's expected to be seen from parts of the UK, primarily in Northern Scotland.

Two stargazing events in two days above there UK skies

Last night a large meteor was spotted in the UK, and has been captured on video many times. The burning object is thought to be part of an asteroid and has landed in Gloucestershire.

Best places to see the Northern Lights

Now to see the Northern Lights, as explained travelling into the Arctic Circle will elevate your chances drastically. To check out the best places that you can see the northern lights check out our guide by clicking the link below: