BookitList - Live Vicariously Through These Epic Netflix Travel Documentaries

Live Vicariously Through These Epic Netflix Travel Documentaries

It’s a unique time to be browsing what’s on the tele. We have thousands of hours of programmes at the click of a button and still at times, it somehow feels like there’s “nothing on”.

Well for all of you travel junkies, we’ve got a fix for you.

Here are the most awesome travel inspired documentaries on Netflix to keep you entertained whilst we wait for our next adventure in person.

Street Food

One of the most searched words in google for anyone who’s a travelling addict. Street food is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of many of your favourite destinations. Thailand, India, Indonesia, Mexico, China and dozens of other countries bring in a flock of tourists who’s favourite thing about the country is trying the delicacies on offer at street stalls.

This awesome documentary is a portal to the world of cultural heritage through the food served on street level. Prepare to salivate.


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Photo by Mark Koch

Lake Louise , Canada

Not all of us travel for the sake of filling our bellies with beer and finger food whilst watching the sun set. Some of us live to test ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually through dangerous recreations. And the completely insane among us decide to do things like conquer mountains!

If you’re an adventurous person, or someone who is intrigued by the human spirits need to conquer all that it sees, this high altitude documentary will take your breath away.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

When it comes to recanting fun stories of yesteryear, it’s always the ones that tickle us we remember most fondly. Comedian Jack Whitehall drags his father on unlikely adventures that kick them both firmly out of their comfort zones.

Lorena Light Footed Woman

Whilst marathon and ultra-marathon fanatics diligently chose the most comfortable, lightweight cutting edge materials to run in, Lorena does it all in her sandals and skirt. Sometimes we forget what we can accomplish without the aid of fashionable gadgets and up to date accessories.

The Kindness Diaries

If you want to feel warmer and fuzzier than a litter of husky puppies around a camp-fire, then this is for you! Leon travels the world in the most humble of means using a motorbike and the warmth of strangers around him. This reminds us all, that when we put ourselves out there to be warm and vulnerable, even strangers from a foreign land will reciprocate our openness and compassion.