BookitList - Is It Time To Work From Home PERMANENTLY?

Check Out These Remote Work Opportunities That Are Accepting Applicants Right Now

After doing some research for remote work we’ve found there are a lot more jobs available than your ‘cookie cutter’: web developer, graphic designer gigs on freelancer.

With skype, zoom, slack and other tech developments working from home is more viable by the day. Now with the almost global curfew taking place there’s never been a better time to consider moving to a “work remotely” model.

Many companies have already ordered employees to work from home so the circumstances are given people the opportunity to test drive the model.

It’s likely many employers will also see this as an opportunity, since there will be less need to lease commercial properties and vehicles to house employees during work hours should they shift to a “work from home” model.

Life will be different for those who take that route. It’s harder to get and stay out of bed when it’s constantly one flight of stairs away. It’s also less likely you’ll take your whole lunch break off when you’ve got menial house chores staring you in the face.

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According to reports in LinkedIn they’ve seen a 43% increase in “remote” job filter usage on their site. A huge climb in such a short span of time. Here we’ve listed a few of the opportunities presenting themselves for remote work. Perhaps you’ll find your next calling here.

Neoweather — Meteorologist

A part time work from home gig in a specialised field might be a much needed break for some with the requisite qualifications. If you’re an avid weather geek, then we suggest you take a look.

Conduent — Marketing Manager

Based out of New Jersey, Conduent are looking for a savvy marketing maestro to develop a long term marketing direction. This will require some marketing direct to customer experience and the position is full time.

Johnnie Studio — Copywriter

If you’ve got the writing chops and experience in writing copy this could be your dream job. You can sit on your most comfortable chair (or sofa) with a warm cup of tea or coffee, and type away to create assets for a variety of channels.

BairesDev — IT Consultant for Business Development

As an IT consultant your responsibilities will include directing growth for the software department and running day-to-day operations. The company is fast on the rise and if you’re skilled, passionate or ideally both in software development then this could be right down your information highway alley.

Factor — Director of Paid Media/Growth

Any foodies here? More specifically, any foodies here with media savvy?

GREAT! If that’s you then Factor is looking for someone with media expertise and a passion for all things culinary. Based in the greater Chicago area, Factor is a fast growing meal prep service that could give you a “meal ticket” to work remotely.

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Well if none of these take your fancy you can always look for other types of remote work. It’s not necessary to be a computer nerd to work online. If working remotely interests you, we urge you to follow your goals and look into it!