BookitList - In A Communal Bid To Keep Spirits High - Our Team Share The Destinations They’re Dreaming Off!

In A Communal Bid To Keep Spirits High - Our Team Share The Destinations They’re Dreaming Off!

Most of us are at home longing for the days we can go on a holiday with our loved ones. It’s nice to daydream sometimes isn’t it?

We’ve asked some of our team about the places they wish they could visit and we’re sure you’ll be smiling in agreement at some of their choices!

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If you could travel anywhere in the world safely right now, where would you go?

Reece: Whilst I have lived in Asia for 4 years already, I must be the only person actually dreaming of coming home to the UK. The cool, crisp air on my face in the morning as I set off for a morning jog, is like nature's free coffee alternative.

For somewhere a little more exotic I’d opt for Florence, so I could walk around with my neck craned skyward absorbing all of the ornate details of the architecture.

Robert bye ym X6 FQ6d AZI unsplash
Photo by robertbye

Cold London Afternoon

Rob: Turkey for a round of golf! Probably the most responsible of sporting choices I guess considering the need for social distancing, but either way I’d love to stretch my legs and work on reducing my handicap. Turkey’s often overlooked as a place for Golf but the courses are world class, the weather is much more forgiving than some golf hotspots (I’m looking at you Scotland), and you can also take a trip to Cappadocia whilst you’re there and tick it off your bookitlist!


Rob turkey

Matt: Argentina! You’d think given my salsa and tango skills I’d steer well clear, but Argentina is so charming. The food is criminally underrated and the people speak enough English to get around comfortably. It’s also a fantastic place to learn Spanish if you would like to broaden your language horizons.

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Photo by ferminrp

Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fabian: The Philippines. After living in the sweltering heat of Manila for over a year it’s hard not to miss some parts of the culture. The only thing warmer than the weather is the hospitality and given the difficult times we’re all facing now, I can only imagine how strong the community bonds have become there.

I still speak to friends via skype which is nice to see they’re all well but nothing beats being there in person and moseying through the markets looking for fresh fruits to keep you feeling refreshed for the day.

The islands are also some of the most scenic on Earth. Boracay has recently cleaned up it’s shores under a government initiative which is great to see, and Palawan seems to grow more beautiful everytime I see it.

Ramon kagie i Swzfjg D3u U unsplash

So there are some of our dream getaways right now… where would you like to go if money was no option and the world was free from pandemic?

Let us know on our FB page where you’d like to go!

We might even make a special entry with all of the best sights and activities for your dream destination!