BookitList - How to pick your perfect travel companion (bad news for some couples)

How To Pick Your Perfect Travel Companion (Bad News For Some Couples)

Some of us have that one special person, who could make us giggle in crown court and chuckle like a cackling hyena with a mere glance that hints at a long running joke you’ve been sharing. But that doesn’t always mean they’re the perfect partner to be stuck on the road with, or sharing a hotel room with.

Jetlag, trouble at a travel border, confusion over currencies, there’s a dozen ways in which our bonds can be tested during our travels.

Luckily for you (or unlucky if this rules you out as a suitable partner), we’ve constructed a check list to find your perfect travel buddy.

1) Common Interests

Photo by Vonecia Carswell

Find someone with common interests

You can get along like a house on fire in your work break, but if one of you likes to play risk with a scotch and the other prefers a game of twister with some vodka, things could soon become iffy. Make sure you’re up for doing similar activities and are roughly equally stoked about the plans ahead. Some people need rest on holiday, others need to blow off steam.

2) Avoid People Who Lean To The Extremes

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Anyone for a spot of Paragliding?

Someone with a thousand anecdotes can brighten up a pub quiz, but quickly begin to sully the mood on The Trans-Siberian Express when their 14th story about a hangover is narrated over the glorious backdrop of deciduous trees and lakes that deserve some silence to be appreciated.

3) Agree On Budgets

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Whose round is it?

I personally have some friends who are a great laugh to travel with, despite our very different bank accounts. That’s because we’re both comfortable in the middle ground.

If they were to splash out a little, I’d be nothing more than a cheerleader wishing them well on their adventure as my wallet would be happy to cough out nothing more than a moth, some unusable Filipino pesos, and a spare button for a cardigan I forgot to pack.

4) Know Who Is And Isn't A Morning Person

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Wake me at lunch

If you like reliving the mythical life of Saint George, perhaps you’d enjoy waking up someone at 6am when they don’t even begin blinking in rhythm until midday (that’s not a dragon I’m fond of slaying personally).

This one is actually more manageable than most, if you like to be bright eyed and bushy tailed then simply make a plan for yourself for the first part of the day and join up with your compatriot later. Just don’t force them to be on your watch.

5) Make Sure You've Known Them A While

Photo by Egor Myznik

We can often be taken aback by someone's charm or whit on the first meeting. It’s cool and fashionable to book a weekend trip to Budapest with a friend you’ve not long met, but pump the brakes before you jump on breaks.

If you haven’t been annoyed with someone enough times to count on your hands, you may not know who they REALLY are yet. If you’ve hit magic from the jump by all means take the risk, but we would air on the side of caution with newbies.

There you have it!

You won’t be stuck on holiday with someone sucking the energy out of the room ever again!

If you need some inspiration on where to travel, why not try somewhere local and cheap so you’re not stuck waiting for 2021 when you can easily organise a trip to the Bahamas.