BookitList - How To Avoid Taking Boring Pictures Of The 7 Wonders

How To Avoid Taking Boring Pictures Of The 7 Wonders

Everyone has seen the Taj Mahal from head on, or the pyramids of Giza from afar… but how can you guarantee your pictures of the wonders of the world stand out as much as the wonders themselves?

We’ve collated some tips with the help of to show you how.

Taj Mahal: from a different perspective

Taj and river

Taj Mahal & the Yamuna River

The world’s most famous mausoleum has been photographed so many times head on, it’s almost a cliche to put it on your instagram. We’re not saying you shouldn’t take that particular shot, we’re just saying there are more bespoke means of capturing the majesty of this monument. The buildings romantic history and ornate details deserve the extra ambience that a sunrise/sunset shot can lend it. Try taking a picture from afar for a more ethereal look.

If you take a good zoom lens and take a picture from the Agra Fort, or better yet the banks of the Yamuna river you can capture a much more peaceful and poetic portrait.

Pyramids of Giza: a POV of perfection

Pyramid of giza

Pyramids of Giza - standing tall

The Pyramids of Giza hold the distinct title of being one of the current AND ancient wonders of the world. Estimated to have been built around 5,000 years ago, it still bewilders and baffles archaeologists how such magnificent structures were ever erected using such primitive technologies.

The problem with a lot of pictures is the lack of magnitude they give these great, man made mountains of stone. Instead of the cheesy thumbs up from 200 ft away, try walking face to face with these ancient tombs and capture them from the ground up. This helps give an alluring staircase to the heavens effect and really captures the magic and sheer vastness of the Pyramids.

Machu Picchu: up close and personal

Machu pichhu
Photo by Kate Stone

Machu Picchu & it's stunning backdrop

Most of Machu Picchu’s visitors take the same generic aerial shot to capture as much as possible. However it robs the person viewing the photograph of what it’s really like to meander through it for real. Instead of relying on the postcard default picture from above, get in and amongst the stones and show the rapturous ballet between the rustic stones you can reach out and touch, and the jagged mountainous rocks that pierce the skyline ahead.