BookitList - Holly King-Mand Is A Hero Helping Thousands With YouTube English Lessons

Holly King-Mand Is A Hero Helping Thousands With YouTube English Lessons

36 year old Holly King-Mand, has been providing English live lessons every weekday for the last 3 plus months. On Friday, she’ll finally switch format to a weekly vlog.

What began with less than 100 followers on Facebook, has quickly risen to over 54,000 followers across her social media platforms.

It’s another great example of people thinking creatively about how to overcome the difficulties faced with the pandemic. Countless children as stuck at home without school, without proper social circles to interact with, most without the kind of routine and schedule that breeds healthy habits in young adults.

Holly has been giving lessons in Key Stage Two and Three and supports children's learning from ages 7-14.

She recently said:

It has honestly been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I've learnt far more than I've taught, and I've got to 'virtually' know some of the most hardworking and talented children of my entire career," the former secondary school teacher said. I have learnt a whole new way of teaching as I had never considered how I would teach without having the learner in front of me to bounce off.

We personally hope that she will manage to garner further interest, and maintain a popular online presence even when schools return to normal.

Despite no longer hosting the lessons on weekdays she will continue her weekly Spellathon for the foreseeable future. She’s also set to collaborate in a podcast and will likely be faced with multiple offers to help extend her reach online.

"I'm just trying to build a bit of a brand and then see where it takes me," she said.

"It kind of feels like finishing school or university; you look back at all the great memories and how much you've learnt and you have a glowing sense of pride and achievement, ready to head out into the world.

"I've been brought to tears by heartbreaking and beautiful messages telling me of the difference I've made... it all shows that out of awful times, good things can happen."