BookitList - Great North Air Ambulance Testing Out Jet Suit Paramedics That Could Save Lives!

Great North Air Ambulance Testing Out Jet Suit Paramedics That Could Save Lives!

The Great North Air Ambulance service do some fantastic work in providing emergency rescue and healthcare to people in compromised positions in the Lake District and it's surrounding area.

But innovations in technology combined with a progressive appetite for innovation and improved aid has lead to a futuristic solution to the problems that come with air rescue.

A new collaboration is being worked on between The Great North Air Ambulance and Gravity Industries, to test a new 1050 break horse power jet suit!

Early testing has shown the jet suit has the ability to traverse 25 minutes worth of trekking through the Lake District, in just 90 seconds! This opens up new possibilities for rescue and could ultimately save lives in the long run.

Due to the unique terrain covered by the GNAAS, many rescues are found to be on complex terrain with a relatively small footprint. It's not the distance to reach those in need of help that's an issue, its the traversing of complicated and often jagged spikes in altitude.

Andy Mawson, director of operations at GNAAS said: "It showed dozens of patients every month within the complex but relatively small geographical footprint of the Lakes.

“We could see the need. What we didn’t know for sure is how this would work in practice. Well we’ve seen it now and it is, quite honestly, awesome."

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Jet Suit In Testing Over The Lake District

“In a time in healthcare when we are exhausted with COVID and its effects, it’s important to still push the boundaries.

“Our aircraft will remain a vital part of the emergency response in this terrain, as will the fantastic mountain rescue teams. But this is about looking at supplementing those resources with something completely new.

“We think this technology could enable our team to reach some patients much quicker than ever before. In many cases this would ease the patient’s suffering. In some cases, it would save their lives."

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GNAAS is a charity and relies on donations to survive. To find out more please call 01325 487 263 or visit

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