BookitList - Great News If You Love Ridiculous Discounts On Your Holidays

Great News If You Love Ridiculous Discounts On Your Holidays

It’s not the first time hearing of late summer discounts, but it seems more and more companies are trying to tempt us out of our cocoons to take flight like a butterfly and see the world once more.

You can get up to 60-70% off packages this summer, a discount usually unheard of.

The majority of deals take place between July and August, whilst the government looks to implement air bridges that will likely give the green light to the revival of international train.

Paul Charles, a travel consultant, went on record to say: “Airlines will be looking to pump-prime the market, which will result in a flood of cheap seats as they try to persuade people to fly again.”

EasyJet released an offer for a flight to Crete for less than £30.

Ryanair are offering up to 50% OFF.

Savings are in the air and soon, the planes will likely follow.

According to reports from Ryanair, bookings late summer are up 100% as holidaymakers begin taking advantage of the eased lock down protocols.

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Mountain In Canada

Despite the outgoing flights tempting travelers to book holidays, the incoming travel industry is looking less optimistic due to the 14-day quarantine put in place for visitors arriving to the UK.

According to ABTA, there is an expected surge of bookings once travel restrictions are somewhat rescinded. A spokesperson said: “As people become more confident in booking a holiday, the travel industry is sure to respond with competitive prices, offers and flexible terms.

There is massive pent-up demand for holidays, which are an essential part of life for many, so to manage people’s expectations it would be helpful if the Government could clearly communicate a co-ordinated roadmap for exiting lockdown so we can get travelling safely again.”