BookitList - Flight Prices To Soar For Travelling Brits - Experts Warn

Flight Prices To Soar For Travelling Brits - Experts Warn

Desperate to get some sun, sea and sand Brits have been booking at an increasingly frenetic pace to get out of the country.

Travel companies the country over have reported a large spike in the number of bookings when it was announced that lockdown restrictions will soon ease.

This could however lead to an equally sharp climb in the prices of flights.

As it stands, the discounts for flights are at record numbers with airlines keen to try and lure people to book trips abroad in a post pandemic world.

TravelSupermarket quoted prices dropping up to 22% for holidays in Spain.

The fact that this could lead to a spike in prices puts even more pressure on people to book sooner rather than later.

According to a source that spoke with the Sunday Times they issued a warning to would be travellers:

At the moment, prices for flights are low but with reduced capacity and rising demand, they will increase rapidly

It’s still unsure how soon the travel sector will return to normal, especially as countries in Europe are easing lockdowns at different rates.

The consensus seems to state that booking earlier will lead to cheaper flights and hotels. However people being sceptical is completely understandable as there’s been a lack of clarity on things in general for a while with mixed messages from the government.

What does seem certain is the number of domestic holidays will rise as would be travellers opt for the safer alternative of remaining in the country.

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