BookitList - Exmoor National Park Begins It's Awe-some Stargazing Festival

Exmoor National Park Begins It's Awe-some Stargazing Festival

Exmoor National Park is one of the rare dark sky reserves in the UK. It's low levels of light pollution make it perfect for stargazing, and some spectacular photographs (a few of which you've not doubt seen somewhere) have been snapped right here in this humble South Westernly getaway. The founders are urging the public to "Help celebrate and capture the truly dark skies, amazing wildlife and tranquility of Exmoor National Park."

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You can go on a safari right here in the UK and spot some beautiful wildlife and be enriched by stories of there lifestyles and habitats. Book an exclusive Land Rover safari with a very experienced wildlife safari guide. During these dusk safaris, whatever the weather their expert guides will help you coax the richness of the environment right out of the soil.

For the first week of the stargazing celebrations there'll be a night walk with stargazing and an optional pub supper (definitely count us in to the supper). For those with eager minds on Sunday 18th they'll be talks with Professor Roger Davies, President of the European Astronomical Society who currently teaches at Oxford University.

If you've never stargazed and would like a little introduction into the night skies and the glittering array of celestial bodies above, visit on Friday 23rd for a beginners guide to the night sky.

There are dozens of tours, walks, workshops and more to enjoy and it's suitable for singles, couples, families of all shapes and sizes. Being among the stars doesn't have to be reserved for those in Hollywood, take a short trip to a much overlooked slice of idyllic English nature and discover your place in the universe.

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