BookitList - Did you know you can go on Safari in Kent?

Did you know you can go on Safari in Kent?

We all know the saying "you never know what you've got until it's gone".

An old adage about appreciating what you have whilst you can. But oftentimes we don't know what we've got at all because there are so many cool hidden gems these days it's impossible to keep up.

Yesterday we spoke about a tax free - dark sky island that's perfect for stargazing right on our doorstep!

Today we've unearthed yet another hidden gem.

Safari's are always a favourite for people's bookitlist, but they are a big investment usually in time and effort. Thousands of miles travel to Kenya, vaccinations and time off work make it a trip of a lifetime that needs some serious considerations to make the most of.

However, it is possible to have at least some of that safari charm right here in the U.K.

This is exactly what you are in for if you visit Port Lympne Hotel in Kent.

"Get ready to see over 900 rare and endangered animals, go on safari to see our free-roaming giraffes, see Kent’s only spectacled bears, the UK’s largest dinosaur collection and MUCH MUCH more…

Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve offers a unique family adventure like no other zoo! Set in over 600 acres, you'll see big cats, small cats, primates, gorillas and many more animals before discovering life sized prehistoric creatures in Dinosaur Forest - all included in the price of your entry ticket!"

How incredible is that!

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You don't even have to leave England to go on a genuine safari!

These are not zoos with majestic giraffes locked into a small glass enclosure, this is the real deal with them roaming around and occasionally bowing their head perhaps in exchange for a piece of fruit you may have on offer.

If you've always wanted to safari, but don't have the time and resources then this is a life and bookitlist saver for you! Take the kids on a wild safari weekend, or go without them and let your inner child run free (whatever floats your boat).

BIL TIP: Book in advance as they are fully booked oftentimes. To go on a safari without leaving the country and stay in a gorgeous hotel with luxurious amenities, you need at least a little prep time so be sure to book way in advance to save the heartbreak.