BookitList - Can I Still Go On Holiday During A Second Lockdown?

Brits Fears Rise As Second Lockdown Looms Over Potential Holiday Plans

With a 2nd wave of coronavirus rising it seems likely that new restrictions and perhaps a second lockdown will be sanctioned in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

There are of course a few issues with that if you're planning on taking a trip anytime soon. For instance...


Grounded airplane

I have a holiday booked in the UK, but restrictions make it impossible, what choices do I have ?

The first thing to do is establish the rules of travel within your local area. Some towns in Wales are going into lockdown on Tuesday 22nd September, it's important you know where you stand in your own locality first.

There’s no actual travel restrictions where I’m going, but if pubs and everything are closed there's no point in going, what can I do?

If you're hoping to go into a late night drinking trip, enjoying the hospitality industry in your way, you're in a tough spot. A destination no longer seeming appealing is not under the travel providers responsibility and therefore you have two choices, make the most of it or don't go. You can speak to them for re-arranging dates perhaps as a halfway solution, meaning you can go at a later time when pubs etc are operating as normal.


Empty train station platform

I have a rail trip booked that won't happen now under new restrictions, what can I do about it?

Railways are usually easier to work with than traditional travel agents and most are outsourcing suppliers to the government. Contact them by phone to discuss the trip and in all likelihood you can receive a full refund. Perhaps a trip at a later date can also be arranged.