BookitList - Camping Holidays Set To Be First To Re-Open And For Good Reason

Camping Holidays Set To Be First To Re-Open And For Good Reason

Staycations are becoming more popular by the year and with the current climate it’s highly likely that there will be an additional boom in the popularity of them.

With the difficulties in international travel adn the doubt and speculation surrounding the rules and regulations, more Brits could opt for the path of least resistance and enjoy a British summer holiday.

It’s been confirmed some campsites are accepting bookings already.

Since Boris Johnson's most recent announcement, bookings for campsites in July-Sept have seen a sharp increase according to statements from Cool Camping.

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Considering campsites are surrounded by large open spaces, and you’re not huddled within the same building as dozens of other people, the risk of spreading coronavirus is likely much lower in a campsite than it would be in a traditional hotel or even an air bnb house.

The shared facilities such as showers and towers could be a potential risk, but there’s no way to completely eliminate risk in a pandemic and it will still, on balance, but it will be much safer to camp than to stay in a hotel.

The government has not included campsites specifically in it’s statement so there is no exact protocol for campsites to issue opening dates.

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It’s being tacitly presumed that July is when campsites will resume to some kind of normality and see guests visiting.

This will likely align with the government moving the country into phase 3 (which will require the severity level to drop in the interim).

The government's 50-page plan states that in phase 3: “Some hospitality businesses being permitted to reopen ensuring they can provide safe environments and strictly enforce social distancing measures.”