Be a part of the BookitList Tribe, join us on an adventure! - BookitList

Be a part of the BookitList Tribe, join us on an adventure!

BookitList is not just about showing off on your instagram (although it doesn’t hurt from time to time), it’s about coming together with like minded explorers to help push each other's boundaries and live the most dynamic fulfilling lives possible!

We want to inspire you, but we also take huge inspiration from our community.

If you’re an explorer at heart, a soul driven by wanderlust or someone who just likes to express themselves and share their stories with like minded individuals, we’d LOVE for you to be a part of our tribe!

Being a part of our tribe is about:

  • Learning travel tips from others
  • Finding hidden adventures
  • Following genius itineraries
  • Finding favourite foodie spots
  • Discovering the most fun activities
  • And sharing YOUR stories about all of the above and more!

Help us inspire the world to expand their horizons. Help people push themselves to do the nerve racking, life changing adventures that they’ve always been a fraction too afraid to take on.

Bookitlist Guest Blog Writer showing off her Bookitlist Hoody at Pig beach, The Bahamas

BookitList Contributors Get Extra Benefits!

  • Your profile will be an exclusive author profile with links to your social media channels!
  • Get additional discounts for being a contributor including discount; flights, accommodations, tours, adventures and merchandise!
  • Provide you with a platform to share your stories and skills. Great for budding journalists and content creators.
  • Receive BookitList merchandise free of charge (badges, bags, t-shirts, hoodies etc)
  • Earn money if your content is featured and boosted.
  • Qualify for Christmas goodies if you are a long term content provider.
  • Put something epic on your CV if you’re travelling as part of your gap year.
Chichen Itza Rob

Rob wearing his Bookitlist T-Shirt while checking out Chichén Itzá

If you would like to contribute to BookitList simply create an account below!


I'm the Co-Founder of Bookitlist. Adventure is in my blood, and I hope you enjoy the Bookitlist concept as much as I do.

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