BookitList - “Air Bridges” May Be Part Of The Government's Plans To Enable Brits To Holiday Abroad This Summer

“Air Bridges” may be part of the Government's plans to enable Brits to holiday abroad this Summer

The government is presumed to be on the verge of outlining a 14-day quarantine period for international arrivals in the UK.

This could lead to a downturn in potential incoming tourism but they are hurdles the government will have to try and manage.

Mr Shapps asked the transport secretary questions as to whether this would be a strict rule or be contingent on the country of origin of entering passengers.

In an excerpt from news coming out of this is what he could extract from the transport secretary.

Mr Marriman said :

"This will boost confidence in aviation travel and target safety where it's most needed.”

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Traveler in airport

"It is the case we should consider further improvements - for example, things like air bridges enabling people from other countries who have themselves achieved lower levels of coronavirus infection to come to the country.

"So, those are active discussions but will go beyond what will initially be a blanket situation.”

Initially Mr Shapps insists that quarantine rules during early June will be a “blanket situation” but could later be changed into a flexible approach in light of new evidence showing a low infection rate.

As we’ve reported in earlier news the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said “I think it’s likely to be the case.” in response to asking if Summer was cancelled.

Air bridges would essentially be an agreement between countries with a low rate of infection to allow visitors to enter without entering quarantine. If it does come into place it could help in restoring quarantine free travel sooner rather than later.