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9 Must Visit Places In South East Asia

Nowhere in the world quite captures the imagination, and inquisitive tastebuds of travellers like South East Asia. The world’s largest archipelago, a “land of smiles” with over 30,000 bhuddist temples, the world’s most popular beach destinations and hassle free visas make the region a must visit.

To help you decide which is the picture perfect adventure for you, we’ve put our heads together, swapped stories, checked each other's notes and done the research to give you a crystal clear image of what each country has to offer.

Thailand - Ancient temples and Late night parties.

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Nowhere blends heritage and hedonism with the finesse of Thailand. An orange gowned monk, shuffling past a hungover raver is not a dichotomy in Thailand, it’s part of the natural ebb and flow of the culture.

Indonesia - Over 15,000 islands to nourish your wanderlust.

Visit Indonesia (Couple in Bali)

The world's largest archipelago is home to over 200 million people and is quickly becoming THE place that springs to mind when one thinks of postcard sunsets on white powder beaches.

Singapore - The world’s most spectacular swimming pool and fusion cuisine.

Visit Singapore

A cutting edge country smaller than most metropolitan cities, and younger than some folks mantelpiece ornaments. Singapore has been built upon 3 ancient cultures: Malay, Indian and Chinese. This makes the famous fusion dishes here not so much a niche, but a staple.

Philippines - Immaculate palm fringed beaches and warm hospitality.

Bil More Fun In The Philippines

Winner of the world's best beach multiple times, Boracay and it’s sibling islands of the Philippines boast some of the most spectacular white sand and crystal clear azule waters in the world. It’s no wonder it’s becoming a popular alternative to Thailand.

Borneo - Mother Nature's 140 Million Year Old Botanical Garden.

Visit Borneo

Asia’s largest island is home to thousands of rare species such as the endangered Proboscis monkeys. It’s enormous cave networks, rainforest habitats and untapped wells of natural splendor are criminally overlooked. It has a claim at being the most verdant region on Earth.

Cambodia - Home of arguably the world's most awe inspiring array of temples.

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The seemingly endless amount of ancient monuments provide an entire photo album's worth of moments to capture, and unlike other parts of South East-Asia, it feels completely untouched from modern tourism and western influence.

Vietnam - The land of motorbikes, French fusion cuisine and a ridiculously low cost of living.

Go to Vietnam

From the traditional tail boats and limestone cliffs of Ha Long bay, to the hive of motorcyclists and street food in Hanoi, Vietnam offers an eclectic mix of things to do, including the world’s largest natural cave - Hang Son Doong!

Malaysia - Coastline getaways and melting pot mecca for foodies.

From the grand architecture of Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur to the street murals of Malacca, Malaysia has art in it’s blood. It’s nature is nothing to scoff at either.

Visit Malaysia (KL at night)

Myanmar - A true hidden gem that culture vultures need to explore.

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Fusing the hot air balloon filled skyline of Capadoccia, and the temple rich landscape of Cambodia, Bagan is one of many overlooked gems in Bhurma (Myanmar).