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7 Money Saving, Spectacular Places You Can Visit In The U.K

It’s been rough for all of us since lockdown began right?

Is it just me, or did your home shrink week-on-week until you’re almost having to squeeze yourself sideways down the halls because it’s getting so claustrophobic?!

Thankfully we’ve now got the chance to stretch our legs and fill our lungs with fresh air, but it’s not quite as simple as before. Flying abroad is going to be much more hassle than ever before and the juice might not be worth the squeeze for many of us.

That’s why taking a trip right here in the U.K is the best travel hack of 2021!

Allow yourself to think about all of the obvious benefits for a second.

No changing currencies back and forth, no frustrating face-offs with odd shaped plug sockets turning their nose up at your foreign phone charger, and definitely NO JETLAG!

So here are 7 Money Saving, Spectacular Places You Can Visit In The U.K:

1. Snowdonia - "The Perfect Family Adventure"

Snowdonia National Park, Gwynedd, United Kingdom

Natures very own activity playground with enough fun and thrills for the whole family.

Some people like cycling, others may be into climbing or horseback riding, or perhaps you’re someone who prefers a round of golf. Not to worry, Snowdonia is the UK’s all-in-1 activity playground.

If you want to stand in the great outdoors and soak it all in, nowhere provides that satisfactory crisp breath of fresh air, with a panoramic view to match quite like Wales’ activity capital… Snowdonia.

Ideal fit and feisty thrill seekers and families who like to stay active.

2. Yorkshire- "Home to picturesque rolling hills"

Yorkshire hills

Yorkshire is quintessential “British” in every sense of the word.

The county's name is synonymous with a hot cup of tea and their warm, welcoming accent is as blue collar as it comes. The North York Moors plays home to picturesque rolling hills and charming pine forests whilst the Yorkshire dales are a cultural lynchpin with breathtaking beauty.

Yorkshire is an idyllic place for family getaways, or a quiet romantic weekend away with your partner.

3. South East- "Perfect for mature couples"

Vineyard South East

If you prefer to amble wistfully through well preserved period streets, stumbling across historical buildings and sprawling greens, then the South-East is ideal for you.

Known for it’s laid back, slower pace of life, endowed with a litany of castles and cathedrals, stone clad walls and cobblestone streets there’s nowhere more universally pleasant to amble around in the UK.

Perfect for mature couples and groups who wish to partake in the finer things in life like architecture, ornate nature and the arts.

4. West Coast of Scotland- "Picturesque beyond belief"

Visit West Coast of Scotland

West-Scotland is often overlooked due to it being a “wee-bit” cold. However we say, the misty highlands, vibrant arts scene and open armed Celtic hospitality will be more than enough to warm your cockles.

There's plenty of reasons to go north of the border......

5. Lake District- "A Hikers Eutopia"

Visit The Lake District
Photo by Wes Henshaw

Rydal Water, Ambleside, United Kingdom

An enchanting national park The Lake District is the ultimate getaway: peppered with stunning villages, historical castles and beautiful scenery, the Lakes makes for a great outdoor adventure.

It’s a favourite amongst hikers and older generations for the peace its cultural heritage brings to the soul.

6. Cornwall- "Sweeter than Cornish Ice-Cream"

Visit cornwall

Whether you’re a wave chaser, avid hiker or just like ice cream, Cornwall has something for you.

With over 300 beaches and almost 500km of coastline, you can explore everything from vast open sands to historical smuggler’s coves.

Cornwall is the ideal county to venture to for your family holiday. With pretty villages, delicious food and miles and miles of beautiful coastline, why not take a trip to Britain’s paradise?

7. Peak District- "The Proverbial Cherry on Top"

Visit the Peak District
Photo by Ali Gooya

Taken an hour after golden time in Winnats Pass

If bustling market towns dotted across moorland plateaus and rolling green hills are your thing, then the Peak District will feel like a welcoming hug from a long lost friend.

From; viaducts to reservoirs, the edges to pristine fields stitched together as far as the eye can see, visiting here is an all encompassing journey through traditional English countryside.

A perfect getaway for families and couples to spend quality time together.

There you have it!

7 spectacular places to visit right on our own front doorstep.

For young caffeine and nicotine fueled urbanites, cute suburban families and even older married couples enjoying their golden years, the U.K truly has a home away from home for all of us.

Travelling in the UK can be cheaper, more environmentally, less stressful to arrange and every bit as beautiful on the eyes.