BookitList - 50+ Countries Now Exempt From Covid-19 Travel Quarantine - Britain Bouncing Back?

50+ Countries Now Exempt From Covid-19 Travel Quarantine - Britain Bouncing Back?

Friday 3rd July marks another landmark in the return of the travel and tourism sector. A list of over 50 countries will now be exempt from the mandatory quarantine currently in place for those arriving in the UK.

The list should be published around lunchtime.

Spain, France, Germany and Italy are already confirmed to be exempt from the quarantine as of 10 July.

For those in North America it may be a while longer before such relaxed measures are extended to their neck of the woods, as the US and Greece are among the countries already confirmed to NOT benefit from the new ruling.

Mr Shapps (transport secretary) was quoted as saying:

It is really important that we have done this in a very careful and cautious way,

Many critics have come forward in condemning the government's slow reaction to the pandemic, citing it’s mandating of quarantine coming long after the infection rate in the UK had spun out of control.


Spain is likely to be a hotspot from July 10th

Arrivals to the UK will still be ordered to provide contact information and precise details of their stay. It seems like the UK tourism sector will slowly begin seeing a surge in visiting holidaymakers. The outgoing flights recently have seen a surge in bookings as Brits are desperate to stretch their legs and head for international hotspots.

With the U.K allowing visitors to forego quarantine, reciprocal arrangements are increasing, with Spain and Germany already allowing Britons to enter without quarantine, France is maintaining it’s 14 day quarantine ruling for now.

The list of 50+ countries will be “under constant review” according to the DfT. If infection rates rise in accordance to an increase in visitors, quarantines could be reimposed.

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People from "safe" countries will be visiting the UK again!

The PM’s father recently flew to Greece during quarantine much to the umbrage of the frustrated public. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will lay out their own approach and will not follow step for step England's process.

Administrations between England and Scotland have been in firm disagreement with Downing Streets accusing Holyrood over air bridges delays.

A Scottish government spokesperson has said: "We would still like to reach a four nations approach if possible but that is difficult when the UK government changes proposals and give us last minute sight of them."

There will also be a traffic light system put into place where the government ranks countries potential risk with a green, amber or red light. 8 June marked the beginning of quarantine in England, with all passengers arriving (including UK nationals) required to undergo a 14 day self-isolation.

Failure to comply can result in a £1,000 fine.

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