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5 Science Approved Ways Of Beating No-Travel Depression

The world of travel has been turned on it's head and thrown down the conveyor belt in bagged claim with little to no warning. For different kinds of travellers it poses different problems and stresses. For adventurers not having the adrenaline fix can result in a heavy coffee addiction just to feel a little buzzed, for those needing some relaxation by the pool, a new obsession with scented candles and extra long bubble baths may have taken hold.

But how can we genuinely combat the depressive qualities of not travelling like we used to? Here's 5 scientifically valid ways to keep yourself in a daydream of wanderlust and full of hope, awaiting your next adventure.

1) Workout

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It's becoming a trite thing to say, but it needs repeating until the depth of how important it is sinks in. Working out has been shown in double blind split tests to have the same anti-depressant qualities as some of our strongest medications. What's more it's free, has no negative side effects (I'll pretend burning quads are pleasant for now) and can help boost self esteem and mood to parlay into your next victory in life.

Why not look into a possible fitness break sometime in the future?

2) Learn To Cook Food From The Destinations You Dream Of

Red Curry Cooking

All of the team here at Bookitlist have our favourite foreign foods... I personally have recently become obsessed with cooking Pad Kra Prow Gai... or Thai Holy Chicken Basil for normal people who don't spend 20 minutes feigning a Thai accent whilst shadow boxing Muay Thai. (I am missing Thailand just a smidge).

The beauty of being locked down in the 21st century is the internet. It's genuinely exciting to cook your own Indian curry from scratch, or prepare authentic Mexican tacos with nothing but a string of fresh ingredients. Another one of the Bookitlist tribe recently posted some awesome broth recipes from Eastern Europe, so the only question is, what dish are you going to prepare?

3) Plan Your Next Adventure

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"If you fail to plan, you're probably not going to have a holiday anytime soon." Or at least the saying goes something like that. If you have no timeline for when you'll leave, no idea of where you'll leave to, and no real inspiration, what makes you think you're going to succeed in creating an epic adventure this side of 2022? Planning is proven to greatly increase your chances of success.

That's why the only logical next step is to escape the scare mongering news and washing dishes that day to day life is filled with for a moment, and make your online bookitlist! It takes just a few minutes and you'll get all of the inspiration and information to get out there and create memories that will last a lifetime.

4) Learn A New Language

Learn Language

Here's a weird fact. Did you know learning a second and even third language greatly reduces your risk of Alzheimer's?! The development of the brain during language acquisition acts as armour against diseases that effect the brain later on in life. The immediate payoff is much more romantic however. You'll not only be able to connect more intimately with new cultures, with new friends, but you'll be given a new filter to see the world through. Language not only dictates who we can speak with, but enables us other ways of viewing our surroundings (both in the artistic anecdotal and nuero-scientifically valid senses).

5) Explore Your Backyard

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Travelling doesn't have to entail 8 hours mourning the loss of your kneecaps as you're smushed into a space between plane seats that seems fit for a cat to sit comfortably, but not a human adult. You can travel much closer to home and still capture some of the sparkle of turning the corner not knowing what awaits, of climbing the last step and walking out as the horizon opens up and converts your eyeline from a corridor of steps to a panoramic, verdant display of nature. The UK is full of gorgeous, ornate castles (one of which inspired Bram Stokers Dracula), sprawling lakes, and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

If you're unsure of where to go for a slice of nature, a step back in time, and a charming day out, look no further than the English Heritage.