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5 reasons to trek the Laugavegur Trail

Stretching for some 55KM across the Highlands of southern Iceland, and encompassing some of the most spectacular scenery on earth, the Laugavegur Trail is, without doubt, one of the most captivating hiking routes in existence!

From landscapes that you won't find anywhere else on earth, to the like-minded adventurers you'll meet along the way, there are many reasons to tackle this incredible trail, read on to discover our top 5.

Philip lindberg 44gv Kp Ez Hkk unsplash
Photo by Philip Lingberg

A landscape like no other

Colourful mountains, geothermal springs, rugged deserts, charcoal-hued lava fields, dramatic verdant canyons, soaring glaciers, and volcanic peaks, the Laugavegur Trail encompasses a litany of awe-inspiring scenery that you won't find anywhere else!

Every mile offers a new spectacular scene that will take your breath away and live long in the memory! It's easy to see why it's said to have inspired JJ Tolkien's middle earth, and why National Geographic selected it as one of their top 20 treks in the world!

An open-air hot spa

The trail begins in Landmannalaugar a geothermal area that translates as 'People's Pools' thanks to its abundance of natural hot springs!

Where else can you relax and recharge in a natural, open-air spa, crafted by the healing hands of Mother Nature, as you take in spectacular vistas of dramatic rhyolite mountains?

The perfect introduction to the otherwordly scenery of this one-of-a-kind trail, and a great way to prepare for the journey ahead!

Pavel brodsky F2tgk P Ygj Co unsplash
Photo by Pavel Brodsky

A place to get in touch with the supernatural

Iceland is a country rich in folklore and mythology. A land of mystery, myth and legend.

In the past, storytelling was an important form of entertainment during Iceland's long winter nights and these fantastical tales have been kept alive by the islanders, passed on from generation to generation, and to anyone who visits the country today.

All manner of strange creatures are said to call Iceland home, from elves to spirits, a giant, lake-dwelling worm, and mountain trolls who only appear at night in order to avoid the sunlight which instantly turns them to stone!

Traversing these otherworldly landscapes it's easy to imagine these supernatural beings lurking in every nook and cranny. Who knows, you might just experience a strange encounter of your own?

The people you meet along the way

Like any adventure, one of the best things about hiking the Laugavegur Trail is the people you'll meet along the way.

There's nothing quite like the camaraderie of a group adventure, and whether you head to Iceland alone or with a friend, if you join an organised tour, you're sure to meet some like-minded souls and share some unique experiences that you'll remember forever.

Serey morm Z9 G2 Cm3n080 unsplash
Photo by Serey Morm

A rewarding challenge

Trekking the Laugavegur Trail certainly won't be easy. The terrain is rugged and often uphill, and the weather, at times, unpredictable. The rewards, however, make it well worthwhile.

There are few, if any, better ways to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world, to discover scenery that will truly take your breath away, and leave you with some great stories to tell your grandkids!

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