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5 Of The Most Serene Getaway Air BNB's In The UK

It's beginning to cool down and the memories of Summer (yes it technically did exist), is now freezing over quicker than your cars windshield in December. So to warm your cockles and keep you in a pleasant mood, we're sharing 5 of the best serene Air Bnb's that are perfect for a mini-holiday right here in the U.K

1 Riverside Cabin - Constantine

Riverside Cabin

The Riverside cabin is so at home in nature, it looks like a slice of the woodlands grew a roof more so than a cabin was erected in it's fertile soil. The crackling fireplace in the firepit, the garden swings and the stream trickling nearby are the perfect mix of rustic warmth and cosy, quintessentially British getaway elements.

2 The Treehouse - Mayfield

Mayfield Tree House

This private woodland retreat wouldn't be out of place in a children's novel. Big enough for a family with 2 children thanks to it's comfy loft area, this is a gorgeous slice of nature to rest and relax.

3 Alpha House - East Sussex

Alpha House

This spacious home in Rye Harbour has a whopping 7 beds and can comfortably fit a family or even two! A newly built timber construction, that brings a modern comfort and contemporary edge to this rustic, woodgrain feeling environment. The beach is on your doorstep and the sound of the waves will be quick to hush the excess noise that day to day life can give.

4 Airship In The Highlands - Drimnin

Airship Highlands

This futuristic aluminum pod designed by Roderick James shows panoramic views of the iconic Scottish Highlands. Quirky, comfortable and as Instagramable as possible. This is about something unique, something novel, and something that you will remember in fine detail a lot longer than your generic hotel stay.

5 Floating Home - Lawrenny

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What could be more soothing than a floating home stay on an organic dairy farm! All the serene water soundscapes and rich, nutty cheddars you can shake a weary traveller at. It's also just minutes away from Pembrokshire's beautiful beaches.