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10 things not to miss in Mexico City

I can’t express enough how much Mexico City stole my heart. What a beautiful capital! The people are very friendly, the food is amazing and the city has a great vibe. We stayed 5 full days in Mexico city and I have to admit that we could have stayed longer. So much to do, so little time.

As you fly over the city you can already see the massiveness of the city. Of course not all neighborhoods are nice and safe to walk in so let me take you to the places that truly captured my heart.

1. Stay in Roma neighborhood

Roma Mexico City Plants

Before coming to Mexico City I did a lot of research where to stay and Roma won it for me because of its reputation.

It’s safe, clean and it’s the neighborhood where upper class mexicans live. The streets are beautiful with a lot of trees and plants.

At every corner you can enjoy a nice hip coffee place. This is also a neighborhood where you can find many nice foodspots.

2. Explore Juarez neighborhood

Up north from neighborhood Roma you find neighborhood Juarez. Great vibes and very hip.

With many authentic fashion boutiques, this is the place you want to wander around with no rush and take it all in.

What we really enjoyed is that everywhere you go you find people selling fresh fruit to go from mango, pineapple to watermelon. Great way to get your daily vitamins.

3. Hidden gem PRIM

PRIM Mexico City

This place was more than epic. It was the most incredible place I’ve been. Partly because I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t sure if I could be there. I had crossed the place on instagram and read about it on Vogue Travel.

The door was open but it felt like we were the only ones. What we experienced next was out of this world. Big patios with a large amount of plants. The building was never ending and every corner was beautifully decorated.

I will let the pictures express what we saw and felt.

After walking around for half an hour we heard some workers so we decided to go. The door to go out was closed but we were able to get out eventually. Some workers told us that it’s a private place and that you can’t just get in without knowing someone there.

A few days later we went back to know more about the place but the entrance was closed.

I still highly recommend going to this place when you’re in Mexico City. Maybe you can be in contact with one of the entrepreneurs there or like us, have some luck and go in.

Address: Calle Gral. Prim 30, Juarez, Cuauhtemoc, 06600 Colónia Juarez, CDMX

4. Visit the Palacio Belas Artes

Palacio Belas Artes

When visiting this place a blogger contacted me and gave me the best tip to have an unique view over the Palacio Belas Artes.

Go to the top floor of the Sears warehouse in front of the palace. There you’ll find a bar/ cafe with a rooftop looking over the square and the palace. It’s a breathtaking experience and you have to know it otherwise it will pass you by.

After admiring the palace from above, visit the palace and it’s art. You’ll find lots of Diego Rivera art and history. I love to learn about a new culture through art.

5. Don’t miss the Frida Kahlo museum and a colorful market nearby

Frida Mexico

One of my highlights of the trip was visiting the old house of Frida Kahlo. I was walking around with big eyes and so much excitement that it felt like Disneyland for me. I admire Frida Kahlo and her work for so long and I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to come here so soon.

The museum felt very complete, you can enter all the rooms, for example where she painted, recovered from her accident and the garden. It was so inspiring to be there and see it with my own eyes. I highly recommend coming here.

TIP: buy tickets in advance. During covid you had to choose the hour you wanted to get in and you could only get in max 5 min. before the time until max 5min after. Important to be there on time.

After the museum, walk to the mercado de Coyocan and enjoy the chaotic but beautiful atmosphere the market gives. The vibrant colors are amazing and the food is great. I recommend eating tacos there. It’s an unique experience and great way to feel that authentic Mexico atmosphere.

6. Visit the Archeological museum and the Biblioteca

When I visited Mexico city in october 2020 the archeological museum and the library were closed! I was so disappointed because I had been looking forward to it for such a long time. I’ve heard the best stories about the archeological museum. They have unique masterpieces and it’s full with ancient history of the Mayas.

The library must be very beautiful as well. Many movies got inspired by the architecture from the inside. If you have the opportunity to go there I think it’s worth it.

7. Mercado artesanal

Mercado artesanal

I lost my mind at this colorful and tasteful market. The art, mirrors, hammocks and mexican robes looked so good and I wanted to buy everything for our home. I highly recommend passing by this market when walking to the historic center.

8. Rent an e-Bike

We saw so many people on a bike and after watching the traffic for a while we decided it looked safe enough to ride one. Unfortunately we postponed this activity to the last day and only when we were about to rent one, we realized we didn’t have our credit card with us.

Even though we didn’t ride a bike in this capital I recommend to do so because it’s a great way to explore a neighborhood in a faster paste so you see more. You can rent e-bikes anywhere in the city.

9.Take a picture at Mexico mi amor

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This wall is located in a very uber fancy elite neighborhood. I didn’t know a place like that existed. A place where everyone looks european, rich and wants to be seen. I’m honestly not a big fan of this place full of Gucci, Versace and high end restaurants but it was interesting to experience. It is worth coming for the picture. Just around the corner of the shop Tane you'll find the spot (Edgar Allan Poe street).

10. Visit some parks in the city

Mexico City is full of beautiful botanical parks and gardens. It’s such a delight walking around and watching people work out, walk the dogs and play with kids. There are many outdoor gyms at the park too.

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