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10 Best Sporting Events In The World

Whilst the varying regions of the world are divided by seas, languages, cultural norms, food and timezones there are still a handful of things that unite us as a species. Perhaps the most prominent universal language we all speak is that of Sport. Tapping into our instincts and drawing out the competitive nature that helped us ascend beyond the food chain and cement ourselves into a life of Netflix and cheeseburgers.

Sporting events can range from intense, silent rooms with components locked in a battle of wits and strength, to arenas packed full of die-hard fans singing in tandem, making for an electrifying experience. But for the sporting events that belong on your Bookitlist, only the best will do.

Here are our Top 10 Sporting Events In The World.

1) FIFA World Cup Finals

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Football is without doubt the world's most popular sport. The lengthy 4 years build-up leads to anticipation, unlike any other sporting event. The unison of club fans that would normally loathe one another into one united national front makes for an atmosphere that has never been replicated at a domestic level and no matter where in the world you are, you won't be able to escape World Cup fever.

2) Formula 1 Grand Prix Monaco

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The pinnacle of motorsports is, without doubt, the adrenaline-inducing Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit. The F1 cards are engineered to such astonishing levels of power and precision, they can accelerate from 0-100mph and brake back down to 0mph in just 4 seconds! First held in 1950 the F1 Grand Prix Monaco is the most glamourous and fan-friendly track to attend and should be on the Bookitlist of all petrolheads.

3) The Olympics (Summer Games)

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The beauty of the Olympics is how it provides a stage to so many. Sports that are often overlooked become the center of the sporting universe is just for a moment and each country is given the opportunity to make an impression on the global stage. Dating back to 8th century BC, no sporting event comes close to the historical or cultural significance of the Olympics. The next Olympics are set to take place in Paris in 2024, with over 10,000 athletes expected to compete!

4) Wimbledon

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Tennis is famed for its 4 majors spread across the 4 seasons of the year, but the prestige and honour of winning Wimbledon does carry extra significance. The Great British weather isn't always the most dependable, but when the sun does smile down on the centre court, and the world's greatest tennis stars push one another to the brink for the lucky spectators, there's a certain magic that is unmistakable.


5) The Superbowl

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When a sporting event is so popular that not only the halftime show but the commercial break advertisements are pop culture references you know you're witnessing a truly special. Around 100 million viewers tune in to watch live in the US with another 50 million dotted across the globe. The days surrounding the match feature a host of other events, such as player meet and greets, concerts, and exhibitions!

6) Champions League Final

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The second footballing event on our list is the biggest game of the season (for none World Cup seasons). The champion of Europe is considered the best club team in the world and a staggering 380+ million viewers tune in to see it. The venue changes annually with the 2024 Champions League final set to take place in June in Wembley Stadium.

7) Tour De France

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Whilst the London Marathon might be the most prestigious endurance run in the world, a special level of respect is reserved for the winner of the Tour De France, due to its incredible length and difficulty. 200 of the world’s finest cyclists race over a distance of some 2,200 miles, in just 23 days. The most unique element for onlookers is the backdrop, in place of arenas or stadiums the French Alps cascading into the distance make for a remarkable setting to witness one of the greatest sporting events on Earth.

8) Cricket World Cup

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Despite lacking popularity in North or South America, the Cricket World Cup is watched by more than 2.5 billion viewers! Comprised of just 10 teams the event takes a little more than 6 weeks to find a winner. Just like the FIFA World Cup it takes place once every four years and the next one is set to take place in 2023 in India (a dedicated Cricket nation with a rich history in the sport).

9) World Heavyweight Boxing Title Fight

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The world heavyweight champion of boxing has always been considered "the baddest man on the planet", and nothing taps into the primal nature of sports fans like a world title fight. Currently, all four major world titles are held by two men: Britain's Tyson Fury and the enigmatic Ukrainian, Oleksandr Usyk. Their upcoming showdown in Saudi Arabia marks a historic opportunity to claim the undisputed heavyweight championship, a title that hasn't been unified since Lennox Lewis held it in 1999. Meanwhile, the likes of Anthony Joshua from Britain, America's powerful puncher Deontay Wilder, and former UFC champion turned boxer, Francis Ngannou, are eagerly waiting in the wings with interest.

10) The Winter Olympics

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White powder and whiter knuckles. The snow-filled sibling of the Summer Games attracted one-quarter of the world's population to watch in 2018 with 1.92 billion viewers! For winter sports enthusiasts it's a no-brainer to combine attending your favourite events along with getting in some runs down the slopes yourselves. The next edition will be held in 2026 in the Nothern Italian cities of Milan and Cortina along with the surrounding areas, and along with the gorgeous backdrops of white-capped alpine peaks, attendees can expect a plethora of exciting Olympic festivities!

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