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10 Best Places To Visit in November

November in the UK marks the end of Autumn; the days begin to shorten, the nights darken, and the air has that unmistakeable wintry chill; whether you fancy a long weekend break to the far reaches of southern Europe in search of the last remnants of sun, or a week-long trip to some far-flung paradise, the penultimate month of the year is a great time to travel, and we've assembled a list of the BEST destinations to visit in November.


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Known as the ‘Pearl of the Antilles’ due to its remarkable natural beauty, Cuba’s tantalising blend of old-world grandeur, picturesque scenery, diverse cultural makeup and enigmatic spirit, make for a truly unique holiday experience.

November is a great time to visit the country thanks to the warm and sunny weather; average temperatures peak in the high 20s, and there is limited rainfall. It also remains relatively uncrowded, with the peak tourist season not arriving until early December, so is a perfect time to explore the fascinating mosaic that is the capital Havana, the colourful UNESCO-accredited city of Trinidad, the biodiverse landscapes of Artemisia or the many picture-perfect beaches it has to offer.


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It may not quite have the pull of its Arabian peninsula neighbour: the UAE, but if you're looking for some winter sun, a wealth of uniquely beautiful scenery and some world-class accommodation, Oman is an excellent choice.

With daily highs of 31°C (significantly cooler than much of the year) November is a great time to visit the country and experience what it has to offer; peruse kaleidoscopic stalls in Muscat's souks, marvel at the Wadi Ghul (the Middle East's answer to the Grand Canyon), or explore miles and miles of picture-perfect beaches along its breathtaking southern coastline.

Athens, Greece

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Few cities on earth are as historically rich and fascinating as the Greek capital, home to a stunning amalgam of ancient structures and monuments, grand Byzantine churches, and beautiful neoclassical architecture, along with a wealth of great museums, galleries, hotels and eateries. After undergoing significant hardship in recent decades, the city has undergone somewhat of a resurgence thanks in large part to a community of enterprising young creatives who have helped it develop a reputation as one of Europe's most exciting cultural hubs, and is a great destination for a weekend getaway, particularly in November, when the mild temperatures are great for exploring its many treasures.


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The birthplace of one of the world's greatest civilizations, Egypt is a land of ancient treasures that tell of its incredible past, whilst its picturesque scenery encompasses vast sandy deserts, unspoilt beaches, coral-rich waters, and the mighty river Nile!

The weather in Egypt is extremely hot for much of the year, but November marks the beginning of winter and brings cooler weather, with average daily temperatures in the mid-20s. Conditions are equally as perfect for exploring historic wonders like the Pyramid of Giza or the Valley of Kings, as they are for cruising the Nile, relaxing on one of the many stunning beaches or diving in the azure coastal waters, whilst the peak tourist season doesn't begin until November, so it won't be too crowded, and you might even bag yourself a great deal on flights or accommodation!

Lisbon, Portugal

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Undoubtedly one of Europe’s most charming cities, Portugal's capital is a blend of winding cobbled streets, tiled facades, and baroque churches, built across seven hills that overlook the glittering waters of the Tagus river.

November might be the beginning of winter in Europe, but, whilst much of the continent is chilly, Lisbon remains relatively mild, with plenty of sunny and average temperatures of around 18°C. Perfect for a weekend getaway, the city has so much to offer, from its beautiful architecture to an array of excellent museums and galleries, and some of the best food, drink and nightlife in all of Europe, and though it remains popular almost all year round, November is significantly less crowded than the spring and summer months.

Hong Kong

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With a population of over 7.5 million crammed into an area of just over 1000 sq KM, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places on earth, and, though it may not be a great option for a relaxing break, for those who love great food, nightlife and contemporary architecture, there are few better options.

Though Hong Kong possesses a sub-tropical climate and is often extremely hot and humid, during November things are significantly cooler and clearer, with average temperatures a pleasant 22°C. It's a great time to visit and explore its chaotic streets, sample the endless culinary delights on offer, and explore ancient temples, soaring skyscrapers, and the numerous (surprising) green spaces hidden amongst the sea of concrete and glass!


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A uniquely beautiful and fascinating land, the mountain kingdom of Bhutan was closed to foreign visitors until the 1970s and remains relatively untouched by mass tourism. From centuries-old Buddhist temples and monuments, such as Paro Taktsang or as it’s more commonly known Tiger’s Net Monastery, to dramatic verdant valleys, Himalayan peaks, and sub-tropical plains, along with enduring customs and traditions, this diminutive nation has much to offer, and November, with its clear, sunny weather is the perfect time to visit.

Kerala, India

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Situated on the Malabar Coast in southwestern India, the state of Kerala boasts miles of stunning palm-lined beaches, charming fishing villages, biodiverse mangrove forests, the Western Ghats Mountains, and a wealth of amazing wildlife.

November marks the end of monsoon season in the region and brings clearer, dry conditions with temperatures in the high 20s. It's also the beginning of high tourist season, though is an excellent time to visit, as things don't get truly busy until the beginning of December, so, the beaches remain relatively uncrowded.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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World-class cuisine, vibrant nightlife, intense football culture, and of course, Tango, Argentina's capital is a city of passion and excitement with a rich and proud history and a vibrant, cosmopolitan spirit.

With its Belle Époque architecture, European-style plazas, parks and leafy boulevards, Buenos Aires is a thoroughly picturesque city, though is particularly beautiful during November thanks to its abundance of Jacaranda trees, which bloom with a sea of stunning purple flowers at this time of year.


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This southeast Asian gem is characterised by verdant landscapes of all kinds, from mangroves to tropical jungles, bamboo forests and grassy plains. Aside from its natural beauty, Myanmar also boasts a wealth of striking religious landmarks, including, most notably, the ancient city of Bagan which is home to well over 2,000 Buddhist stupas, temples and monasteries, one of the highest concentrations of religious monuments on the planet.

November marks the end of the rainy season and ushers in dry, warm weather with plenty of sun. Humidity is relatively low, making great conditions for exploring the country's array of incredible sights, and scenery, whilst its lush vegetation, fresh from the monsoon rains, is at its most beautiful, and, the peak tourist season doesn't truly kick in until the end of the month, so you will avoid the crowds!